Entry #14

Cya at Pico Day bringing the Wii U

2016-05-06 18:11:03 by RetroSleep

I'm off now to see everyone tomorrow. I'm excited to catch up with everyone I havn't seen in awhile, and just in case nobody else did, I'm bringing my wii U with smash 4 and the gamecube controller adaptor, and a few wiimotes/nunchucks. 

I want to see some 8 player smash matches so I hope people brought controllers haha.



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2016-05-06 18:21:03



2016-05-06 20:30:05

Fuck. Too bad I'm not going, I'd whoop y'all asses in smash.


2016-05-06 22:40:40

Damnit! I would have brought my wave bird if you had told me XD