Wow NG was founded in 1995

2014-09-03 15:48:24 by RetroSleep

I was just scrolling around in the audio portal when I saw on the footer the "copyright 1995-2014".

I have been going on newgrounds since 1999 and I honestly thought that, 1999 was the year newgrounds opened up. That's just insaine. I'm only 4 year's older than this website. I just wanted to collect on that thought, and say i'm super grateful that this site is still running strong.


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2014-09-04 10:37:44

Yeah 1999 was when the Flash Portal began, but NG was already a top 600 website from all the stupid Flash stuff I had been making previously! There's a whole history page for anyone interested:

RetroSleep responds:

I really liked that, specially because it was written from your perspective. Thanks for sharing that with me I didn't even know it existed and it is a pretty interesting story so far.