Ironed Out Released Today: Original Short

2014-02-28 04:14:13 by RetroSleep

It's a beautiful day! Wake up alongside Dad as he tries to restore perfection to his family! 

Now I know everyone has been telling me that original videos are better than parodys so I'm putting you all to your word. I released the video now prove to me that its worth doing again >=]


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2014-03-09 12:56:23

And I am all alone. There is no one here beside me. And my problems have all gone. There is no one to deride me.


2014-04-05 14:42:19

Wasn't Jaime 'Hand'lesster released in mars 3rd?

I would be surprised if this quality of this animation would be banned by users.

RetroSleep responds:

I dont really understand the second half of your comment, or why you are posting about Jaime 'Hand'lesster on my Ironed Out Post, but the answer is no. The video was completed and uploaded thursday night to youtube and this morning to newgrounds.

I wanted to upload it on the 3rd but it had errors and just didn't work out.


2014-04-05 14:46:44

I mean april 3rd.